A 30 Day Social Media Detox: The First 7 Days

Whats up guys! This might seem like a strange thing to do when you run 99% of your business off social media but I started my own Social Media Detox about 7 days ago.

A big reason I've decided to do a detox is I found myself scrolling through Facebook without seeing a single thing that was posted. I would set my phone down just to have it back in my hand without realizing it, going through the same routine. Sound familiar? 

So here's what I did. On August 3rd I finally said "enough is enough" and deleted all my social media apps off my phone excluding Youtube. I still learn a ton from Youtube so I didn't see a good reason to include this app into my social media detox. I'm also not on there looking through the comments or "liking" videos. The next step was to signed out of Facebook on my PC. Easy enough.

I didn't write down and document the first week because honestly not much happened and I can give you a general "what happened" now. I didn't really tell anybody that I was doing it so I'm not sure anybody has even noticed. Kayla still runs our Facebook pages so I assume I'm not really missed.

The first few days I found myself instinctively looking for the apps to feed my addiction. Really it's a weird thing to admit that I was addicted to something that seems to do no harm. The only harm I really see is that it is the biggest time thief of our era. The biggest thing I've noticed is how much time I have to apply to other areas in my life. I'm an Atlanta Braves fan so I kinda moved my lack of social media to following what's happening with them rather than just catching a game here and there. That got me through the withdrawals of liking commenting and sharing (Chop On!). I've gone through my emails and completely cleaned them up. There was so much junk in there that it oddly felt good to get it clean. I have so many goals in life that it'll be interesting to see since given so much time how much quicker I can accomplish those goals. I've written down 10 more languages I will be learning (not all at once) and I will be working on the first 2 on the list (Swedish and American Sign Language). I already know a bit of ASL but it has atrophied pretty bad from lack of using it. Kayla is joining me, or I should say I am joining her, in learning ASL. My language learning is all for me so there's really no rhyme or reason for picking Swedish other than the fact that I think it's a beautiful language with a rich history. I'm putting a goal deadline of the end of October to be conversationally proficient. I'll be sure to keep y'all up to date on that!

Anyways, this will be an interesting experiment and at the end I'll decide whether or not I will go back into zombie mode or keep the detox going. 



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