I Got A Boo Boo- Dealing With Injury

What's up guys! If you train long enough you are bound to get injured. If you're lucky like me then it won't be anything too significant (knock on wood). My most significant injuries have been popping pretty much every joint in my body. I have limited motion in one shoulder and my wrist doesn't bend very well (from a couple wristlocks actually) but I have been very lucky.

This article isn't advice on how you should deal with them. I'm not a doctor so I can't be giving medical advice. This is an article on how I deal with the minor injuries and how others deal with major injuries.

Like I said, I haven't had significant injuries although I expect it to happen at some point in my journey. It is super common to blow our your knees, tear elbows, tear shoulders, get bulging discs, and a whole list of common injuries. So like I said at some point you will have to deal with some sort of injury.

The way I deal with injuries

It really depends on what I injure. A few weeks ago I thought I broke my toe and was super gimpy after the injury happened. Basically I taped it up and kept going. My guard suffered because of it because I couldn't push or use sticky feet with that leg. Taping injuries has been my go to the last 13 years. If I can tape it I will. There are some injuries you can't just tape up and keep going. I've popped my ribs a handful of times and there was no way to tape it up so I just kept training. I guess my mind frame has been in the past that nothing is going to stop me. In my "old" age I've realized this isn't the smartest way of doing things. I know now that these injuries that I have neglected and powered through are coming back to haunt me. I have no regrets but for you younger Jiu Jitsu practitioners, take care of your body. Until scientists figure out how to put your consciousness into another body, this is the only one you get.  

How others deal with injuries

I think a lot of people have the same mentality I do. It will catch up with them though. One of my training partners is pretty smart with how he deals with them. He broke his toe about a year ago but he was able to protect it with wrestling shoes. He's a little gun shy about taking them off but that's OK. He has been able to protect his body without his training suffering. 

If you have a significant injury get it checked out by a medical professional. My dad tried to power through what ended up being a torn meniscus. He worked construction at the time so he squat down quite a bit. The problem was his knee would lock out on him every time he did and it took a lot to unlock it. After surgery he moves around normal. 

Even if it's a minor injury rest is the best course of action. I know I know, that's a ridiculous thing to say but as much as I don't follow that advice it really is a good course of action. So take care of your body. You'll be glad you did. 

Hope to see y'all on the mats!


Brent Smith

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