Keep Portland Weird... Traveling and Training.

I have decided to start blogging about our Jiu Jitsu Travels as well. Our last trip was last weekend to Portland for SUG 11. It was an amazing experience. It was Brent's first tournament as a black belt, the biggest stage hes been on in Jiu Jitsu. He did lose to a heel hook by Frank Rosenthal. It has lit a fire to continue to train. Balancing your own training while running a school, being a husband, a father to 7 littles, can be difficult but nevertheless not impossible. 

We drove up to Portland the day before so we could spend the night relaxing instead of stressing day of. We tend to walk as much as possible when we travel for a couple reasons. One, we enjoy the exercise. Two, we get to enjoy the city on a different level. Three, we tend to fear public transit, we are from a small town and drive everywhere so using the metro, the subway, etc, can be intimidating. We have found its usually much easier and cheaper than we anticipate but still choose to walk when possible :). 

Here are my 10 takeaways from Portland. 

1. Portland don't worry about not being weird, You guys aren't going to lose that title anytime soon. 

2. While we did choose to walk there were definite downsides to that. People accosted us constantly. Begging for money, cigarettes, drugs, and for us to sign petitions. There was no peace anywhere. 

3. We visited Powells Book Store. I nerded out so hard. Soooo many books and if you travel to Portland its a must see. Customer Service was amazing, it was everything I had dreamt of and more. 

4. Homelessness and mental health is heartbreaking here. Tents everywhere, people sleeping on the side of the streets all day and night long. People on drugs or struggling with mental health wandering about muttering to themselves. It was a much different view than our hometown. 

5. Downtown Portland smells like weed and urine. 

6. Food is BOMB ! Portland food is amazing, we stopped into a local bagel shop called Bowery Bagels. It was seriously the best bagel of my life. . Portland is also well known for Voodoo donuts which I still haven't tried, and Salt and Straw Ice Cream. If you are wanting some good food you can't go wrong in Portland. 

7. SUG was ran professionally and was a great experience, we would gladly do it again and support their shows. They are affordable and the venue is the perfect size so you can see whats happening without worrying about getting nosebleed seats.


8. Parking Fees, Coming from a small town a reason we don't drive is due to parking fees. Its not something we are used to paying. Sundays most street parking seems to be free so that's pretty awesome. 

9. Portland is cold! & Rainy ! I should've packed better being an Oregonian but I didn't and I froze lol. Make sure to bring warm clothes. 

10. Portland is a city (we're not city folk) but has a ton to offer. It was one of our best weekend getaways and I am beyond grateful for the experience and to get to share this life with my other half.


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