Self Esteem and Jiu Jitsu

Almost everyone who trains will say that Jiu Jitsu has made me better. Jiu Jitsu has helped me. Now there are so many reasons people say this. However I am going to hit the topic of how Jiu Jitsu has improved my self esteem. 

When I started Jiu Jitsu I was lost in so many ways, I was on a weight loss, and yes even a self discovery journey. Being a mom of 3 I had let myself go, thinking the only way to be a good mom was to give them every bit of myself. In doing so I lacked the self care I so desperately needed. I was not teaching my children how to have a well balanced and healthy life. 

Jiu Jitsu did help me finish losing the extra weight and it did allow me to live a lifestyle that maintained that. However the weight loss is not necessarily what helped my self confidence raise, while yes being at a healthy weight was important emotionally and physically for me, Jiu Jitsu continued to offer even more. I no longer was concerned about the way my body looked while being pretzel-ed up, I was ecstatic about the sweeps my body could do, the movements, the attacks, the defense. It taught me how to control larger opponents, it taught me what true strength was. How could I look at this body as anything other than an amazing tool that God has equipped me with. I couldn't do a handstand when I first started, I can now walk on my hands. I couldn't take someone down, now I can take them down and choke them out, or make them so uncomfortable they tap. My body can lift and move resisting people in the most beautiful ways. Jiu Jitsu taught me its less about what my body looks like and so much more about what I am capable of. 

Jiu Jitsu helps self esteem in other ways. I used to panic if someone touched my neck, I'm slightly claustrophobic in general, and don't like to be touched. I have fallen in love with a sport where you are sitting on people and where they are trying to choke you. It teaches you how to remain calm in the most uncomfortable situations. It teaches you how to be mentally tough. I have learned my personal boundaries and when to tap, but I have also learned how to push those boundaries. How to live in the uncomfortable. Not only how to live in it, but how to love it. 

My husband mentioned how it has helped him is slightly different than how it has helped me. He stated just knowing that he can defend himself and us has improved his self confidence greatly. We know how to defend ourselves in a way most people don't expect. While we never look for a confrontation, if one were to arise we are both confident in our abilities to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Rolling allows you to use the skills you have learned under stressful situations. We know that if a altercation were to occur we could remain calm because we have trained our bodies to do so. We know we can defend ourselves because we use our techniques live against resisting people. We have learned what works for self defense versus what works for sport. We can accommodate our skills based on our opponents body types. We do all of this without even thinking about it because it has become second nature. We are tamed yet dangerous. 

I am sure there are plenty of way Jiu Jitsu can help your self confidence. Please feel free to tell us yours, your story. We are here to build a community and would love to hear from you. 


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