Should Kids Train Just Because We Do??

Hello Friends, 

This seems like a silly title to some. Should kids train Jiu Jitsu? Well I think yes and no. 

Brent and I are both in love with the sport. People often think because we love it, that our children will also train. That however is not true for us. While we do believe every child should know how to defend themselves, and others who may not be willing or able to fend for themselves, we do not push the sport aspect on our children. We do teach all of our children how to properly fight standing, and on the ground for self defense purposes. Now we don't make them attend classes to teach them these skills we drill them at home with all of our kids. 

All of our daughters are currently in Jiu Jitsu. Not because we pushed them but because they enjoy it. They are growing in confidence on and off the mats and its such a beautiful things to see, especially for these pre teen years. Our two youngest sons can't hardly wait to be old enough to step onto the mats in a class setting. They have some natural instincts from being around it. They also know a bit from us and the older kids so they grapple off to the side often. Our oldest 2 sons both bowed out of Jiu Jitsu and thats okay. 

For us we want our children to all find their own passion whatever that may be. We allow them to try any sport or activity they want (within reason considering we have 7 littles ;)), the only requirement is that they finish the season whether they find its for them or not. Once they make a commitment to a team, coach, and us they are required to fulfill that. 

Brent found Jiu Jitsu at the age of 20, I however didn't find it until I was 28. We don't get to decide when we find our own passion. I won't force mine on my children because to me that is denying them the possibility to find their own. I of course hope some of them love jiu jitsu or at least enjoy it enough to continue to train it. I hope by not pushing them and keeping it a positive environment that they will always find the mats a safe, and happy place, which is what it has always been for us. 

I am not one to judge parents on how they raise their kids. As long as you aren't beating or neglecting them, than I couldn't care less how you parent your child ;). We are all just trying to survive, and to raise kind and responsible adults. We were given no handbook, and raising children is definitely a crazy ride. I know I make more mistakes than I can count each and every day. I just hope that we do everything with enough love that they see we tried our best. 

On that note to each their own but no our children will not train just because we do. They will wander this earth with our full support to find what makes their heart go AHAH, THIS IS IT!! 


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  • Jeremy Greene

    I believe all children should be offered ample opportunity and support to get involved in sports. Opportunity & guidance not brow beating, force into, compelled or the like.

    Jiu jitsu I believe to be almost any age appropriate with proper structure and supervision. I began wrestling in grade school.

    Certain sports body building, power lifting (two I’ve got dozens of years in) for example are sports that perhaps should have a minimum age requirement based on medical science before an individual gets serious. Weight lifting and athletic training are not BB or P, to be clear. I’ve got questions about football and certain running events. How does marathon training/competition impact a youth from an orthopedic standpoint? Lots of questions about football based on things I witnessed with my boys who while sharing joint custody and very heavily involved with resided with their mother my exwife.

    My $0.02

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