Social Media Detox- 1 Month Later

What's up guys! So I did an experiment 1 month ago with my social media use. I went on a 1 month social media detox to rid myself of the constant being on Facebook. I am super happy I did it.

The reason I did it was because I felt like I was wasting a ton of time on social media and I encourage anybody that is thinking of doing this, GO FOR IT! 

The first few days are where I felt kinda lost on what I should do. Sounds weird but when something takes so much time out of your life and you completely quit it cold turkey you have to find something to fill that void. Once I filled that void things got much easier. I have been hitting my language learning pretty hard (Jag lär mig Svenska och American Sign Language). I've been doing all kinds of DIY projects that I'm sure my better half is getting a little tired of it haha. I mean I did tear apart her shelf that we had our coffee station on to make a new one. I'm pretty happy with it though! I must be getting old because I find enjoyment out of watching DIY videos and perusing Pinterest for new projects. I watched a lot more baseball too. The Braves might not have the very best record in the MLB but they are on a really good playoff run. CHOP ON!

Where do I go from here?

Today is the end of my experiment. I don't want to go back to my old ways so you won't be seeing me using my personal Facebook account anymore. I just don't see any use for it. I don't plan on deactivating it because it does have a ton of photos and memories but I won't be on there to engage with anybody's random cat memes. What I did re-download though was Messenger and Facebook Business Manager. I downloaded Messenger mostly so I could talk with my kids when they are over at their mother's house. Plus I'm part of a MMA Messenger group where we BS about all the things happening in the MMA world. I kinda missed that. Also it is much easier to communicate with the Mrs. Yes we do have text capabilities but Messenger is easier. I downloaded Business Manager again to take a little bit of the load off of Kayla. She has been the only one running Cauliflower Ear Family and it put a lot of work on her shoulders.

I do encourage any of you that are thinking of taking a break to go for it. If you think, "I could never do that", you probably need it the most.

So here we are. You will be hearing a ton more from me and hopefully you didn't miss me too much ;)

Hope to see y'all on the mats!


Brent Smith

Cauliflower Ear Family


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