Wristlocks- The Dirty Thief's Cousin

What's up guys! Did you know we LOVE wristlocks? Dumb question. I'm sure you do.

Leg locks have had a bad reputation for a long time until really recently. I think mainly because of the Danaher Death Squad completely ripping through everybody on the competition scene. Leg lockers have been out there not caring what anybody thinks but they just became mainstream really. Dean Lister comes to mind for the OGs of leg lockers.

Wristlocks seem to have the same bad reputation that leg locks had in the past. I can't count how many times I've wristlocked someone and they look like I just kicked their puppy and insulted their mother at the same time.

Wikipedia explains it pretty well

"A wristlock is a joint lock primarily affecting the wrist-joint and possibly the radioulnar joints through rotation of the hand. A wristlock is typically applied by grabbing the opponent's hand, and bending and/or twisting it. Wristlocks are very common in martial arts such as aikido, hapkido and jujutsu where they are featured as self-defense techniques. They are also used as submission holds in combat sports such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu (where the most common name is mão de vaca, "the cow's hand") and catch wrestling. While being an illegal technique in modern sambo[1] and judo[2] competitions, it is still practiced in judo forms of self-defense kata kōdōkan goshinjutsu.[3] Wristlocks are also widely used as pain compliance holds, often in police and military. "

The beautiful thing with wristlocks is you can apply them ANYWHERE. That includes standing, dominate positions, and disadvantageous positions. Kayla recorded a video where she hits a hyper-extending wristlock from bottom Knee On Belly and it is super sneaky.


My favorite spots to hit it are pretty much from anywhere but I typically snatch up the Goose Neck style (hyper-flexing).

If you're just getting into wristlocks, you'll find what works best for you. What I like you may not like, and what you like I may not like. That's with any move in Jiu Jitsu though. I am so obsessed with wristlocks that when I learn a new move, I see if I can wristlock you from it.

Regardless a tap is a tap. If you tap to my wristlock then I win. If you let it break just because your ego is too big..well I guess that's on you. I've actually had people tell me they would let it break before they tap to that "bullshit". Whatever floats your boat. As Pete the Greek would say #wristlocktheworld

Hope to see y'all on the mats


Brent Smith

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