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Have You Ever Been In A Situation Where You Didn't Feel Like You Could Defend Yourself Or Your Family? Is Your Child Struggling With Bullies? Are You Struggling To Lose That Baby Weight Or You Want To Get In Shape? Maybe You Want A Fun Activity For You And The Family. 

Packages Start At $50/Person or $100/For the entire Family per Month!

We offer Kids and Adult programs!

Sign Up At Cauliflower Ear Family Gym ...Come try a class for FREE...Kids Jiu Jitsu...Adult Jiu Jitsu...Self Defense...Sport Jiu Jitsu...Competition Support...Fitness (I Lost And Kept Off All My Baby Weight)...A Family Friendly Environment...Self Confidence...Bully Prevention...And So Much More!

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We have officially launched our first location! 

Cauliflower Ear Family Will Help You To...

  • Defend Yourself...know that you can get out of any sticky situation, calmly and rationally 
  • Competition...step on to the competition mats fully prepared and ready to take home a gold medal
  • Fitness...Jiu Jitsu is a great full body work out on top of being a lot of fun!
  • Family Friendly Environment...we have 7 children of our own. We know the struggle of being able to train with your kids in tow. Bring them along!

    1. Defend Yourself

      “Even if you consider yourself the most peaceful person on earth, you don’t pick the fights. The fight picks you.”

    Rener Gracie

    It is best to be prepared because there's always a chance of a fight. With an understanding of how to use your Jiu Jitsu, you should be filled with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself in otherwise dangerous situations. This doesn’t require you to be watching over your shoulder but you will be prepared to defend yourself!



      2. Competition

       The beauty of a martial art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is you can spar 100% without damaging yourself or your training partner. Boxing is a great sport but if you were to spar 100% you risk brain damage and other health risks. Cauliflower Ear Family Gym will teach you the best ways to prepare yourself for the competition mats.


        3. Fitness

         We all struggle with something about our body. Jiu Jitsu is a great way to get in shape and lose unneeded extra weight. I've personally seen people lose half their body weight because of Jiu Jitsu and eating habit changes. Is it going to be hard? Absolutely but with hard work you gain extreme satisfaction.


          4. Family Friendly Environment

           We have 7 children together. Finding an activity that won't break the bank, that will include our entire family is very difficult! We offer dirt cheap family plans with professional level programs. 


            Yeah Yeah Talk Is Cheap

            If We Haven't Convinced You Yet Here's Proof

            "Professor Smith is dope. Instruction is super thorough and he breaks down each technique until its understood. Cant recommend enough!"

            Noah Tumin

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            “Coach Brent’s technique is second to none, with his guidance and straightforward teaching style I was able to take my own game to the next level”

            Ryan Montes

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            "Good people right here. What else can I say?"

            Tommy Smith

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            “Cauliflower Ear Family are some of the most dedicated jiu jitsu practitioners I’ve ever met. The obvious love of the sport comes through in the gym, Brent is a patient and meticulous coach who shows genuine interest in the success of his students, from the first time guy to someone looking for a lifestyle plan for professional competition, he shows up strong. I can not recommend this gym enough, my son even scoffs at the idea of training anywhere else!”

            Ty Haggard

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            “I’ve been training with Brent for over a decade now and I’d recommend him and his gym to any one! They have an open, family atmosphere and high level technical instruction which he tailors to individual student needs. 10/10!”

            David Roselip

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              We are a blended family of 9. We both fell in love with Jiu Jitsu and then fell in love with each other. Our love for Jiu Jitsu is something we are lucky enough to have in common. We have Opened Our First Cauliflower Ear Family Gym Location ! Our goal is to be a place where everyone feels welcome. Head Coach Brent Smith Has 14 years of training under his belt. Assistant Coach Kayla Smith has over 3 years Jiu Jitsu experience, and has experience teaching children for over 5 years. All Instructors are Back Ground checked for your safety. Our Gym offers Self defense, Sports Jiu Jitsu, A Fun Family Environment To help you stay active and get healthy!

              Schedule a Free Trial and See What Our Family Can Offer Yours :

              You are invited to observe classes, or schedule a free trial class.Visit us today to see the benefits martial arts has to offer your family! 


                3719 Unit 102, International Way, Medford, OR 97504

                ***Go west on Coker Butte Rd in Medford and turn right before the dead end we are inside Blue Dog CrossFit