Cauliflower Ear Family VIP Membership (7 Day Free Trial)


Try out Cauliflower Ear Family VIP 7 days for FREE! 

If you love it, and we think you will, do nothing and your card will be charged $19.95/Month and you can continue enjoying what we have to offer BUT if Cauliflower Ear Family VIP isn't for you, cancel anytime before the 7 day trial is done and you won't be charged.

Membership Benefits

50% Discount Yes, you read that right! All active members receive 50% off their purchases from Cauliflower Ear Family! *Excludes Rash guards

Welcome Gift

New members receive a surprise welcome gift of one of our Cauliflower Ear Family products!

Private Social Media Group

You get to join our special VIP group on Facebook, where you join our FAMILY. You can post, connect, like and share without the worry of any negativity.


FROM: Brent & Kayla, Owner/Founder Cauliflower Ear Family


RE: Cauliflower Ear Family VIP Membership

I want to tell you more about our company. Cauliflower Ear Family is a family owned company started by a couple of Jiu Jitsu fanatics.

Our goal is to provide high quality Jiu Jitsu and Family products, so everyone can proudly show their support for anybody that steps on the mats. We started this company with parents that train in mind... We wanted to make a product for those of us that regardless of snotty noses, diaper changes, and temper tantrums, still find a way to train. The Cauliflower Ear Family VIP Membership is a great way to GET ACTIVE in the Jiu Jitsu community. We have a private Facebook group, access to exclusive technique videos, and members receive 50% Off ALL purchases from our Cauliflower Ear Family store. The membership has no risk and you can cancel at anytime. All you have to do is sign up. I'll see you on the message boards.

Sincerely, Brent Owner/Co-Founder